The Bluehouse Darkroom in Nottingham.

The venue and studio space is now expanding.

The Bluehouse Darkroom has now uprooted from its rural home in Kent and moved to the basement of The Art Organisation's latest premise and regeneration project in Nottingham's City Centre.

21 Station Street, Nottingham NG2

The basement measures 2550 square feet and offers access to:

a traditional black and white darkroom with

table top-enlargers for up to eight persons

wet tray printing

film processing

experimental large scale printing with

two specialist enlargers (floor to ceiling / horizontal)

trough and tray developing

bath tub to wash off

a traditional colour darkroom with

floor to ceiling enlarger

table top enlarger

machine processing up to 20" by 30"

experimental hand processing


The space is available to use in the community either by hourly / daily rent or annual residencies, participation in the project and TAO members. Workshop and education use will be scheduled and promoted accordingly.

Work experience opportunities are available.


Full information of the building's overall project can be found online


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