The lone wolf stood high above the pack, watching their movements intensely, and enviously, as they feasted on a meal of rabbit.
 They fed because they were hungry, devouring what was necessary to satisfy their appetite; ripping in to the meat with evil ferocity, their intentions reflected with a passion established in their eyes.
 To outsiders, who did not understand the dynamics of their existance, they must have appeared as savages, squabbling amongst themselves - a battle to grasp what was available before others took it from them. The stronger and the mature emerging as victors.
 Yet they were well aware of their limitations, they knew the extent of their desires. The pack would feed until they were full, digesting each mouthful; the energy gained strengthens their character, the act of the feast determining their status in their hierarchal society to ensure their survival.
 She started low, prolonging the sentences, pronouncing the difficult words with clarity and precision. She wanted to speak out because she cared, because she felt something was wrong.
 She raised the treble at a point that would grab their attention and hung a note in the air to emphasize her point.
 They ignored her. Maybe they were unconcerned for the issue in hand - there are many problems that need to be raised, and not everyone has time for them all.
 She repeated it again, from the beginning, with a determination that turned the first ear. They had noticed her; she was beginning to get through.
 She started over once again, the excitement in her voice forcing a echo in the distance that would be heard throughout the land.
 Eyes were now upon her, but she did not waver from her purpose. Louder this time she began where she had begun before, each note getting louder and louder. Then as they approached, hooked on her words, she lowered the volume, drawing them closer, bringing them around her, intent on listening, grasping what she had to say.
 They knew that alone it would never carry far, her voice would be lost in the wind or restricted by the forests and the mountains. Alone it would just be a voice in the wilderness.
 But together, in unity, there just may be a chance to be heard.
 She thought their actions to be cruel.
 Why did they have to pick on her so?
 They were rude, teasing her, calling her names - an attempt to belittle her nature, and when they were not being so heartless, they would ignore her.
 She was sad.
 They stopped her from feeding, forcing her to go without; ensuring tortured pains of hunger. At meal times she would sneak in and seize what she thought she deserved. The others would give chase, catch her, and snatch the morsel from her; punishing her in the process. When they had eaten well, they would sometimes allow her to munch on the scraps, but whilst she eat she was forever wary that they may approach at any time and continue their pursuit.
 When they attacked it was always in a gang, never alone. The big one first, on instructions of the leader, with others behind. On her own she was not strong enough to resist. If they attacked individually she may have stood a chance, but that was not their tactic.
 They were bullies.
 Why did she feel it was a constant pressure to conform with society.
 They set rules which she could abide by; laws that she could obey, yet she would continually struggle within the limitations that were established.
 She would follow the advised guidelines in an effort to fit in, though she felt at times they were unfair and designed for the masses; discriminating against the individual. There were few considerations for those cast ou; unable to achieve success in their daily routine - here she lay injured and ill, and with difficulty she existed, each day at a time, never capable to for-see any future beyond.
 Her responsibilities she must face alone. At a time when she felt the most vulnerable and in need of assistance, she had nowhere to turn. There were no sympathetic ears to hear her cries.
 In her loneliness all she could do was watch. 
 He was devoted to her and had vowed never to leave her, a secret passion, only she knew.
 It was not easy to live as partners, but he had been resolute toward the success of it, as she had too. When times were hard and stresses had created disagreement, they had battled through with a philosophy that dictated they would have to work hard to keep their relationship together.
He had cared for her when she was sick, and wiped her tears when she was sad. He had restored happiness when she was down-hearted, and protected her from all her fears. She had given him purpose and the inspiration to succeed.
He loved her and he knew she loved him. When their monumental time was over, and their treasured existence should cease to be, their souls would soar high with the wind, fly through the valleys they had never had chance to explore, ascend mountains few had tread before, sweep the expanse of deserts, and defy oceans no two beings had ever seen. He would follow her to the far corners of the earth, to the heavens above and beyond, to a world rarely understood within the mortal realm.
 Their love was forever, as love should always be.
In her distraught state, she sought a friend she could trust.
 When at our most vulnerable, friendship is worth more than all the treasures in the world. With someone to talk to, who would listen without prejudice, tender comfort and understanding, be there for her in this time of need, she knew she would survive.
 The world and its pressures can stab away at her heart and affect her mental state day after day, if only, when the stress is too great to face alone, she had someone she could turn to.
 Loyal friends offer hope and hope is the driving force that fuels ambition and success. Hope is the positive element in our environment that ensures conservation in the landscape, preservation of our wildlife, and the care of those who suffer.

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