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Legend tells of an age when human and wolf walked side by side. To the right of human echoed human, to the left of wolf, echoes of wolf. Equality was found; individuality respected.

As time passed, human chose to halt their wandering ways with wolf, preferring to settle in the valleys, by the streams and the seas, where prey succumbed to taming and crops were grown. A new language was cultivated. ‘Possession’ and ‘ownership’ developed into ‘greed’. Boundaries were invented.
One day wolf ventured down in to the valleys, inquisitive of how human had progressed. Wolf saw settlements within fences, huge circles of stone, expanses of flattened timber, and tethered prey. Unaware of the laws that protect, wolf feasted.

The harmony and the balance was broken.

Human reacted, without allowing opportunity for regret, and a great war was declared. A war human was determined they would win.
Wolf numbers were drastically reduced by this dogged resolution.
Wolf sought refuge in the dark and the wilderness, and in time human learnt to fear where they could not see, and, to avoid places they did not know.
From the darkness a promise is made: a time will come, when the balance will be restored and harmony will be found again; human and wolf will walk side by side.
Two souls were chosen to survive the test of time - one of wolf, one of human. Each to pass down through the generations until their mistake is realised.
Though unaware of the promise made, each soul sought their purpose: to seek out the other, knowing, that a new era could be found; a peace between human and wolf once again.

On the journey, new words are discovered by both. Education, understanding, hope. Preservation, conservation, and caring. It is these words they will both bring into their future relationship.

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