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Thoughts behind the issue of The Rocky Mountain Wolf.

“ In the early 1990s, conservationists in America chose to begin an ecological experiment. They decided to create a re-introduction programme that would see wild wolves from Canada trapped, or tranquillised, and transported south to a region of the Rocky Mountain National Park. There, following a period of penned acclimatisation - to allow their homing instinct to wane, they undergo captive breeding or sterilisation - to decrease the mixing of weak genes, before they are released, monitored and studied. Scientists believe that this decision to repopulate and restore the wolf to these mountainous slopes will help control the ever growing numbers of elk, deer and coyote.”

     “Wolves live in the security of a pack. They respect leadership - the strong caring for the weak. They mate for life and love, raising families to ensure their survival. They communicate through an intelligent intricacy of poetic howling and barks. Their thirst for knowledge can often take them on long exploratory journeys, far away from their peers and their kin. It would seem they fear no animal, though live wary of man, avoiding human civilisation and ruling the wild landscape of Europe, Mexico, Canada and Alaska. Imagine such a travelling wolf, on a journey that would take him further than he could ever have foreseen; interrupted in his exploration by the poisoned dart of a concerned society. To be forced to awaken in an unknown environment.”
“I opened my eyes, aware of a strange cool air penetrating my body warmth, clearing the mugginess of sleep from my mind as the intense freshness pierced my nostrils. I struggled to my feet and sensed cautiously in each direction, turning full circle, unsure of my surroundings. Before me stretched an open meadow leading to a distant wood. Beyond the high peaks of an unrecognisable mountain range, higher than I had ever witnessed, reached a cloudless sky. I battled to sustain my breath in the obvious altitude. I was scared. My instinct suggested I seek the protection of the wood and head for the sanctuary of higher ground. There seemed one path I could follow. I took it.” 

Spirit Of Wolf

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