BluehouseArt is keen to promote the use of derelict spaces in its promotion of wolves as a symbol for conservation and environmental regeneration, and has now a small portfolio of examples of such..


Herne Bay : As a means to promote Wildwood during The Herne Bay Festival of 2002, Bluehouse took possession of a disused High Street property and exhibited images of wolves, handed out leaflets to promote, and interacted with the local community.


Broadstairs : This was the second possession of a vacant High Street shop to promote Wildwood with an exhibition of wolf images and sculptures. This time in Broadstairs during The Folk Festival 2002 .



The Basement Gallery August - December 2003
below The Spiritual Earth Centre 73 High Street, Herne Bay, Kent.

 The Basement Gallery was a previous disused space, and originally part of the former 'Red Lantern' Cinema (pre1940) in Herne Bay.
Bluehouse was keen to promote its experimental art to a Community lacking in independent galleries and took the opportunity to support local business and work with local media in its promotion, allowing the chance to again promote Wildwood, and raise funds through sales in support of the working manifesto.
The Spiritual Earth Centre used the gallery to host weekly discussion meetings, daily healing and massage sessions, readings and events.
(Due to the ever decreasing High Street, The Spiritual Earth Centre was forced to close January 2004)



Liverpool Biennial September - November 2004 as a member of The Art Organisation : BluehouseArt converts the empty premises on 44 Duke Street, The Ropewalks, Liverpool, to a Darkroom / Gallery, exhibiting the complete portfoilio of large scale experimental photography. In response to the TAO challenge, Bluehouse explored the application of liquid emulsion on the walls of the derelict building, in an attempt to create new imagery - an experiment that will need further testing.

Liverpool Biennial September - November 2004 to present : Through The Art Organisation's MCG Urban Project in The Biennial, Bluehouse took the opportunity to turn their hand to stencil art on a boarded derelict building on Duke Street, The Ropewalks, Liverpool.
'Warhol Wolves"
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