Bluehouse and members of The Art Organisation have had a catalogue of successes where art has worked alongside conservation, promoting awareness of issues, using ‘outstallations’ of visual art and performance; creating the gallery where gallery may not exist.

Recently a number of artists within the collective have combined skills and experiences, artwork and theatre to create ‘WOLF’ an installation of large scale experimental hand printed monochrome photography; three series of work dedicated to the promotion of British Wildlife, highlighting the positive nature of the wolf.

The in/outstallation comes complete with an evening of performance guaranteed to entertain at the highest level, and devised to promote an open evening at the host venue creating publicity through local media and radio, and be part of a season of events for members, the public and business associates. Members of the group can be contacted prior to the event for interview. A full press release will be circulated via the venue.

This is a new approach toward family theatre, creating a venue and gallery in an environment that would normally be ignored. Its purpose is to reach an audience normally missed, and long term improve the misunderstood character of the wolf, often interpretive as big and bad, and now extinct in the UK wilderness. We see this project as educational and informative, a comment on social awareness and a reminder of the related issues. The performance makes a comparison of the relationship between wolf and human from the time of legends to the wilderness of today.


This is opportunity for the venue to include the wolf in its programme as we approach a year of environmental projects concerned with large European carnivore.

We invite the venue to consider meeting with us to discuss the potential of bringing this unique perspective of Life Art to your organisation. We would like to discuss how it may be funded either from arts budgets within your organization, or by using community and/or arts funding through the registered status of The Art Organisation Limited (a registered private limited company by guarantee with non-profit status). We would discuss and agree prior to the event exactly where and how we operate, covering risk assessment of public liability and if need be insurance.

We would also like to discuss the opportunity to display and sell crafts and artwork, photographic prints and greeting cards through your retail outlet/shop during the opening and through the following season.


We hope you consider this proposal and would contact me regarding the matter as soon as.

keeping you updated on events as they happen:

large scale experimental hand-printed monochrome photography


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